Tarot concept and card meanings created by Maralee Fox-Heins.

Maralee Fox-Heins is the creator of the Austin Powers Tarot. It is an Internet deck ONLY and it is NOT for sale. Austin Powers is a trademark and copyright  of
New Line Productions Inc.

Key Phrase: Timing is everything
Number Two seemed to have impeccable timing and he remembered to pack a handy fembot too. He planned his move to stand up to Dr. Evil and make his escape from a situation he was unhappy with. However, he became distracted and forgot about the death chairs. He sat down in one so Dr. Evil took the opportunity to push the button and Number Two went down in flames. The lesson is to plan everything down to the last detail and do not allow anyone or anything to throw you off your timing. Follow this advice and you and your lovely fembot will share many happy moments together.