Tarot concept and card meanings created by Maralee Fox-Heins.

Maralee Fox-Heins is the creator of the Austin Powers Tarot. It is an Internet deck ONLY and it is NOT for sale. Austin Powers is a trademark and copyright  of
New Line Productions Inc.

Rx  Key Phrase: Do it yourself
Scott Evil knew that Mini Me would kill him the first chance he got but when he said something to his dad, all his dad did was to agree. Even when Mini Me was caught humping the giant laser during Dr. Evil's important call to the President, all Dr. Evil could say was, " Why don't you and the giant laser get a frickin' room for God's sakes." Scott then realized that he had to take matters into his own hands to protect himself. So if no one is listening to reason, be like Scott and learn to protect yourself from the Mini Me's of the world.