Tarot concept and card meanings created by Maralee Fox-Heins.

Maralee Fox-Heins is the creator of the Austin Powers Tarot. It is an Internet deck ONLY and it is NOT for sale. Austin Powers is a trademark and copyright  of
New Line Productions Inc.

Rx  Key Phrase: Listen to your heart
When people say they'll never fall in love again, they rarely mean it. The temptation of sharing yourself with a groovy someone is often too great to ignore and Austin knew this when he realized he was falling for Felicity. However, losing his mojo made him feel insecure and weak so he rejected her instead of being honest. After that, she slept with two tons of fun. The lesson here is to be up-front with those you care about instead of hiding behind your personal hangups before they find someone else who's willing to pay attention to them.