Welcome to the C. C. Deck FAQ page. I have decided to include this area so the most Frequently Asked Questions about the deck can be answered.

The C C. Deck is one of the most talked about decks but there's so much mystery around it... why?
The reason why there is so much secrecy regarding the C. C. Deck is because it is unlike any other deck on the market. Because it is so unique, extra precautions have to be made to guard it. There is a lot of competition in deck creation and since the idea is a totally original concept, this makes the C. C. Deck much more susceptible to people wanting to steal it.

What does the C. C. stand for?
I am not able to say at this time for security reasons. If I revealed what the letters stood for, it would give away the concept of the deck.

Is the C.C. Deck a Tarot deck?
No, it is a divination type of deck. It has less than 78 cards and there are no suits.

Is the C. C. Deck like your other decks?
No, but like my other decks, the concept is unique.

What is the idea behind the C. C. Deck?
Although I am unable to reveal too many details about the C. C. Deck, I can say that it is a truly universal deck. The concept is something everyone can relate to whether they are a tarot/divination deck enthusiast or not.

Are there reversals in the C. C. Deck?
Yes, there are. Because of the C. C. Deck's concept, reversals are a must in order to make it thorough.

Are the card fronts related to the back card picture?
No, they are not. The front designs have nothing to do with cloud formations or elements. I created the final back design after I had already finished the cards. I wanted something attractive, but not too overpowering, to accentuate the front designs.

It's refreshing to see none of your decks look the same. Is the C. C. Deck different from your other decks in style too?
Yes it is. All of my decks were created with a specific inspiration in mind and that is why one does not resemble another. As an artist of multiple decks, I believe it is very important for my creations to be unique. That is why my decks look different from each other.

It's been over 4 years since you announced your C. C. Deck in the tarot community and yet there is still quite a buzz about it. How do you explain this?
It seems my C. C. Deck has taken on a life of its own. Humans are naturally curious beings and I think this is what drives them to want to know more about this deck. It is a mystery and this really intrigues people.

Do you think the C. C. Deck will live up to all its hype?
I know the C. C. Deck will be able to stand on its own simply because it is not one of those "fad" decks people ohh and ahh over for 15 minutes and then throw down in favor of the next new craze. The C. C. Deck is a very useful deck that most anyone can put to work in their life and I believe it will stand the test of time.

There's a crazy rumor going around claiming the C. C. Deck isn't real and you're making it up but I don't believe it. Why would anyone say something so stupid? What should I do next time I hear something like that?
This is an excellent example of the levels some unhappy souls will sink to when they are jealous of someone else and their accomplishments. The best way to handle ridiculous rumors such as these is to immediately question their validity by openly confronting those spreading them. Demand to see irrefutable proof of their wild accusations and you will discover they do not have any. Only a simpleton would believe such hateful lies about me or my work and anyone with an ounce of common sense would instantly recognize the lies for what they really are . . .  green-eyed envy, and immediately dismiss them and their perpetrator(s) as erroneous. Like my Grandma always used to say "What goes around, comes around, eventually." :-)

Below is a pic of the back design of the C. C. Deck . . . the deck which has caused so much controversy and hard feelings:
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