Welcome to the Catch a Falling Star Tarot Deck. Completing this deck was a process that took me in many unexpected and incredible directions during the creation process but the journey was well worth the time and effort. The purpose of this deck is to explore the many relationship dynamics within an extended family via the Tarot path. Whether it is joyful occasions such as a wedding, trying situations such as conflicts, or heartbreaking events such as death, the Catch a Falling Star Tarot explores them all in a way that most everyone can relate to. While the Majors and Court cards contain various symbolism to depict their meanings, the Minors focus on two planets for each suit. Wealth uses Jupiter and the Earth, Emotions have the Moon and Venus, Ideas are represented by the Sun and Neptune, and Power incorporates Mars and Saturn.

The Catch a Falling Star Tarot had gone in a slightly different direction than I had originally planned. In the beginning stages of this deck, I was going to use all of my own astrophotography photos to create it. However, problems with my telescope caused a change in plans. So, with the help of some of
NASA's incredible public domain photos, I was able to bring the Catch a Falling Star Tarot into reality. I should also make it clear that NASA does not endorse this deck in any way.

The Catch a Falling Star Tarot consists of 80 cards. It is dedicated to my dad who passed away suddenly in 2004.

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