Welcome! As you can see, I have created all kinds of unique  tarot, oracle, and self-help decks and have so many, many more in progress which are not even listed here yet. Some decks are being published by my publisher, a couple of  decks are Out Of Print (OOP), and other decks are for online viewing only. Just click on a link below to the deck or decks you'd like to see to view samples of cards. More samples are being added as soon as possible.

My high-end trademark Soul Pattern Paintings can still be purchased. However, if you want to have your gift completed before a holiday, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or other special occasion, you will need to put in your order extra early.

Don't forget to get a free reading with my Online Austin Powers Tarot! It's a very groovy experience so be sure to try it out.

Lady Eclipse Tarot     OOP
Soul Reflections Tarot
Soul Reflections C. E.      OOP
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When I Grow Up Oracle
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Get-A-Head Tarot
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Online Austin Powers Tarot
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All That Glitters Tarot  
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The 60's TV Series Tarot
The 70's TV Series Tarot
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The 90's TV Series Tarot
The Six Million Dollar Man Tarot
The Magnum P. I. Tarot
The Bill Bixby Tarot
The C. C. Deck
The Jodie Foster Tarot
The Tom Hanks Tarot
The Do It Now Deck  
The Quantum Leap Tarot
The Early Edition Tarot
The Space 1999 Tarot
The Dead Zone Tarot
The Last Chance Tarot 
The Indiana Jones Tarot
The A-Team Tarot
The Tarot of Success
The Comprehensive Star Trek Tarot
The Deck
The Pretender Tarot
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