Welcome to the Down Under Tarot! As you can see, this deck uses various types of underwear as its central theme. I wanted to do a tarot with a very light-hearted approach and the winds of Fate, as well as my wonderful husband, Matt, happened to steer me in this direction. The entire concept of the Down Under Tarot came into being during a morning walk. We were walking by an overloaded dumpster and there were pairs of underwear hanging out of some of the bags. It really looked like they were posing for us. After much laughter, I started shooting pictures and that's when Matt came up with the perfect name. The Down Under Tarot is very entertaining but you'll be able to read with it too if you want to.

The suits are Boxers, Bikinis, Briefs, and Thongs. The Majors are also named appropriately. This would make a great gift for a bachelor/bachelorette party, Valentine's Day, romantic date, or any other special occasion where naughty IS nice. I hope you have a lot of fun with the Down Under Tarot because that is its true intent.

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