Many clients who are single or find themselves suddenly single have come to me wondering if there was going to be anyone special coming into their life. This is why I created the Future Romance Spread in 1985, (c) Maralee Fox-Heins.

Card #1 represents the  Significator.  Card #2 represent the present situation.  Card #3 is what the client is wishing for in a partner.  Card #4 represent the client's concerns about starting a new relationship.  Card #5  represents the near future.  Card #6 is what I like to call a Future Glance One Year Later.  Card #7 is the Wild Card. This card will show you the unexpected events that will occur which will effect the outcome. Card #8 represents the likely outcome. Of course clarifyers can be used if needed.

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The Future Romance Spread
Card #1
Card #2
Card #3
Card #4
Card #5
Card #6
Card #7
Card #8
Deck used is my The Retro Cats Tarot
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