Hello and welcome to the Maralee Fox-Heins gallery! Long before I began making tarot cards, tarot decks, oracle decks, and divination decks, I created a lot of original artwork. The first three are just a few of my prize-winning contest entries. They were hand-painted on fabric using flat, gloss, metallic, iridescent, glitter, or any combination of these types of paints. They have a high gloss protective finish so there were reflections when photographing them.

The next three pieces were custom designs for clients.

The next two are original works I created using photography and computer imaging and the final piece, The Energy of Prosperity was painted using mixed media. To see larger images of any piece, click on the thumbnails.

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Wolf Maiden
First Prize Winner of "Paint Your Tee" Contest 1986

Lady Moon
First Prize Winner of "Jacket Art III" Contest 1988

Ms. Champagne
First Prize Winner of "Jacket Art II" Contest 1987