The House Investigator spread was developed by me in 2006 when we were looking to purchase a new home and some investment properties. I also developed extended versions of this spread specifically for the homebuyer and another one for the investor. This version of the House Investigator spread uses nine cards in the layout but you can draw clarifying cards if you need to use them. As you can see, this spread is shaped like a house to help make it easy to learn and to remember. The 9th card off to the side can either be the sun or a cloud depending upon which card you happen to draw for this position.

Card #1 is the Significator for the house. This card often reveals why the house is for sale.  Card #2 is the foundation of the house, how it was built, its history, etc.  Card #3 Is how the house was cared for by the previous or current owner.  Card #4 is the benefits if you purchase the home.  Card #5 is the problems you will encounter if you purchase it.  Card #6 is the price. This card will give you an idea if it is fair or inflated and how flexible the owner is likely to be on the price.  Card #7 is what is hidden about the house that you need to know.  Card #8 is the outcome if you purchase the property.  Card #9 is the unexpected/surprise.
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The House Investigator Spread
Card #1
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Card #9
Deck used is my Catch a Falling Star Tarot