Unfortunately employee loyalty is rarely rewarded these days . . .
companies think nothing of taking their businesses where they can get cheaper labor while handing pink slips to the employees who were there for 20 years. Or by laying off thousands of workers just so each of the bigwigs can still keep their 10 luxury properties
situated around the globe. No matter what the situation, it still
sucks to be handed your walking papers and this is why I created the Pink Slip Spread in 1985, (c) Maralee Fox-Heins.

Card #1 is the Significator.  Card #2 represents why you were canned.  Card #3 is what you were to learn from the experience of working for Company X.  Card #4 represents the direction you should go now.  Card #5 represents the obstacles you face.  Card #6 is the help you will receive.  Card #7 represents what the future may hold for you.  Card #8 is the advice card.  You may draw clarifyers as needed.

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The Pink Slip Spread
Card #1
Card #2
Card #3
Card #4
Card #5
Card #6
Card #7
Card #8
Deck used is my Soul Reflections Tarot
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