The Silver Bell
I designed The Silver Bell Spread  in 1991 (c) Maralee Fox-Heins) to reflect upon where you have been as well as where you are likely to be headed in the upcoming year. It is also a wishing spread that should be done on either Yule or X-mas Eve. It is shaped like a bell with a star off to the right. You make a wish and write it down before you begin shuffling the cards. Then you place your wish where Card position #9 will be. After laying out the bell shape, you would then place Card #9 directly over your wish. If the card you chose is favorable then your wish will likely manifest within the year. If the card chosen is less than favorable, there is a likelihood of obstacles that need to be overcome or that a possible adjustment is needed to the wish you made.
Card #1 - Significator. Card # 2 - What this year has taught you. Card #3 - What you will learn from the coming year. Card #4 - What you still need to work on. Card #5 - What you are leaving behind. Card #6 - Where you are headed. Card #7 - Your hopes and dreams. Card #8 - Where you will find yourself by next holiday season's end. Card #9 - The results of the holiday wish you made.
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The cards used are from "The Retro Cats Tarot"