Welcome to the Soul Repair Deck!
In reality we are all souls traveling through and oftentimes we can get off track in our soul's journey which then opens us up to all kinds of problems that can manifest in our daily lives. These problems can balloon into a variety of emotional and physical obstacles that will eventually consume us to the point where we get stuck focusing on illusions and forget the reasons why we came here in the first place. Once the soul gets stuck, it becomes very difficult to free and over time, the progress you have made becomes lost which means repeating the same lessons over and over again.

The Soul Repair Deck was specifically designed to help with repairing the soul issues that are haunting you which you have been unable to overcome whether because of being unaware of the true depth of the situation, trying to force a situation that is not intended for you to experience, or a variety of other reasons. No matter what the reason, the Soul Repair Deck can get to the bottom of things by helping you to look beneath the surface appearances so you can get to the real root of the problem. Once this happens, change and healing can occur at soul level which frees you to resume your soul's journey.

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