Soul Pattern Paintings.

You were born into this life for a reason but do you really know why you are here? I already know the answer to this question and you can know why you are here too when you get your Soul Pattern Painting and analysis done. Much like a fingerprint, your soul has a very distinct pattern and understanding this particular pattern is the secret key to unlocking YOUR true destiny. I have the rarest of abilities to be able to see these patterns, paint them, and interpret them.

Unlike a tarot, intuitive, aura, psychic, etc. type of reading that usually only covers a very limited period of time in your life, which means  you would need to have it done repeatedly, and that will end up costing you a fortune over time . . . your Soul Pattern Painting and analysis will only need to be done once. So if you have been unable to find your way, if you feel something is missing, or if your life is not measuring up to your expectations, isn't it time you found out why?

A Soul Pattern Painting makes the perfect gift for someone you care about . . . even for that person who is difficult to buy for because a Soul Pattern Painting is the gift that's unlike ANY other. You can even order a Soul Pattern Painting as a very special treat for yourself. Your Individual Soul Pattern Painting will be heirloom quality, hand created on a 18"X24" canvas using mixed media and the analysis printed on designer quality paper. Go ahead, don't you and your loved ones deserve the very best?

Also available are Sweetheart Soul Pattern Paintings, Family Soul Pattern Paintings, and Family Soul Pattern Paintings Group . . . any of these would also be a welcome addition to your home that you can hang on your wall with pride because Soul Pattern Paintings are more than just insightful, they also make  the most unique of high-end conversation pieces. See the Order Form for more details on these exciting future family heirlooms!

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Above are two examples of Individual Soul Pattern Paintings. You can see just how different each one will be from another. To see more details, click on each photo.


Individual Soul Pattern Painting (no analysis) - $10,000.00
Individual Soul Pattern Painting
(with analysis) - $13, 500.00
Sweetheart Soul Pattern Painting (no analysis) - $15,000.00
Sweetheart Soul Pattern Painting
(with analysis) - $18,500.00
Family Soul Pattern Painting (no analysis) - $25,000.00
Family Soul Pattern Painting
(with analysis) - $30,000.00

Prices DO NOT include shipping. See Order Form for more details.
(All sizes and prices are subject to change without notice)