Welcome to The Soul Reflections Tarot. This is the second tarot deck I have created but it is also the first one I designed using both the Major and Minor Arcana cards. As you can see from the above photo, there was a Collector's Edition of this deck available but it completely sold out very rapidly. However, this version has some redesigned cards that are different from the Soul Reflections CE.

The Soul Reflections Tarot was completely inspired via dreams and those visions were then brought to reality. This thought-provoking deck was designed to touch and reflect the many facets of one's soul during this life. Perfect for tarot reading, meditation, personal empowerment, gaining valuable insight into situations or for self-discovery, the Soul Reflections Tarot will help take you on a wonderous journey of enlightenment no matter how you choose to work with it. As you open yourself up to the multitude of lessons and insights that are available to you along the way, you will often find yourself emerging from the experience with an uplifted perspective as well as a deeper understanding of yourself, the world, and your unique purpose in it.

There are 79 cards instead of 78 because I decided to expand the Major Arcana by one card like I did in The Lady Eclipse Tarot. The reason why I did this is the same but instead of calling the card The Unknowable, I chose the name Secrets.

To see larger images, click on the thumbnails below. Enjoy your journey into The Soul Reflections Tarot!
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The Soul Reflections CE