Welcome to the Stepping Out Tarot.
This deck is a Majors only Tarot. It is not a deck for anyone who is afraid of facing their shadows because that is what the Stepping Out Tarot was designed to do. It focuses on a darker look at the ways we can often become enslaved by the shadow side of the Major Arcana without even realizing it.

When you look at each card, you will notice someone releasing themselves from a particular type of unhealthy situation such as fear, grief, abuse, addiction, misuse of power, betrayal, etc. They are literally stepping out of the problem and into a brand new reality. So can you. Besides balancing out your higher self readings by alerting you to the obstacles that need to be overcome, this deck is an excellent tool for self-help and meditation. The Stepping Out Tarot is particularly suited for delving within your shadows and releasing them in a healthy manner  . . . doing this assists in creating positive change and growth so you can move forward in life. As usual, I am expanding this deck to include an extra card that ventures far beyond the original twenty-two.

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