Hello and welcome to my Tarot spreads page! These 19 tarot spreads were all created by me and will be appearing along with 900+ more of my spread creations in my highly anticipated book:
The Ultimate Tarot Spread Guide." By clicking on a link, you will be able to see the spread layout and the instuctions detailing each position. The complete instructions for both methods of When Will It Occur For Me are given but no layout photo is necessary. Choose the category which best fits your need or have fun trying them all! :-)
To post any of my spreads, you will need to get my written permission FIRST and then proper credit MUST be given.
No Exceptions.

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Annoying  Coworker Spread
Attracting Mr/Ms Right Spread
Ring of Harmony Spread
The Pink Slip Spread
Stairway to a Loan Spread
House Investigator Spread
Damned if You Do Spread
Don't Jump to Conclusions Spread
The Why or "Y"  Spread
The Why Not Me  Spread
The B-Day Wish Cake  Spread
Crown of Enlightenment  Spread
Why Am I Here Spread
Right on Track Spread
Deep Impact Spread
Future Romance Spread
When Will It Occur For Me
The Silver Bell Spread