The Why or "Y" spread was developed in 1984 to help my clients understand the very puzzling or strange events that were going on in their lives that often defied explanation. This spread can also be used to help you to better understand just about anything that is puzzling you. It is a majors only spread, which means you should only use the Major Arcana which in the Rider-Waite is the Fool-World. I've found the "Y" Spread to be even more thorough if you happen to use a deck that has an extra card because this card will often show up in the reading giving you an added insight that you wouldn't have if you had just stuck with the twenty-two.

The Why or "Y" spread cuts through the confusion and will help you to make sense of the perplexiing events in your life and more importantly, will help you to understand why whatever it is is happening or did happen and what you need or needed to learn from the experience. This spread uses only three cards in the layout but you can draw clarifying cards if you need them. I also recommend using reversals for this spread.

Card #1 represents the situation.  Card #2 represents why it happened.  Card #3 represents what you're supposed to learn from this experience. (c) Maralee Fox-Heins
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The Why or "Y" Spread
Card #1
Card #2
Card #3
Deck used is my Get-A-Head Tarot